Academic Information

Our Alberta curriculum consists of learner outcomes that are specific to each grade level. Go to for more information about the curricular outcomes that your child will be learning this year. At GSS we have a focus on helping our students develop strong literacy and numeracy skills. In grades 1 through 4 all students participate in our guided reading program where they receive instruction at their own level in a small group setting. Students in grades 5 - 8 complete a variety of assignments and projects that apply their literacy skills across the subject areas. A variety of strategies and resources are used to increase numeracy skills.

Assessing and Reporting Student Progress

Reporting students’ progress will be done formally, informally and as the need arises during the school year. Teachers shall discuss assessment with students, in an age appropriate manner, at the beginning of instruction. Where feasible, students shall be involved in decisions about methods of assessment and scoring scales. Teachers will endeavor to provide students with rubrics/study guides/criteria/exemplars for summative assignments before an assessment is administered. A variety of assessment tools are used to monitor and assess student growth and achievement. These include: teacher observations, oral and written exercises and assignments, student projects, and teacher-developed and standardized tests. It is our aim to gear your child’s program to his/her ability and progress. If your child is functioning below the grade at which he/she is enrolled, this will be indicated on the progress report. We encourage parents to contact your child’s teacher whenever there are questions or concerns.

Student Support

RTI (Response to Intervention) is a process to ensure that students are receiving strategic and planned intervention to meet their learning needs. All students receive Tier 1 interventions in their classroom setting with regular curriculum outcomes. Tier 1 interventions include a variety of learning experiences,  extra time, group work, partner work, review and reteaching within the classroom setting to help students meet the learner outcomes.  If students are experiencing difficulty they may receive Tier 2 interventions such as small group instruction, reteaching or review of a concept, extra time to complete or redo assignments, or adapted assignments to meet their learning needs. Tier 2 interventions may occur in the classroom setting or in an alternate learning space. Students who are working below grade level may require Tier 3 interventions to help them develop strong basic literacy and numeracy skills to increase their ability to meet learner outcomes at their level. Tier 3 interventions will occur in an alternate learning space.

Tutorial Block

At GSS we implement a daily Tutorial block in our schedule.  During that 40 minute block teachers work with students who require Tier 2 or 3 interventions.  Students who are not working with their teacher will be completing assignments, reading or using technology for literacy and numeracy skill development.

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is located in our library at GSS. It is an alternate learning environment for all students. Mrs. Barron, Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Coleman, and Ms. Saunders all spend some of their time in the Learning Commons to support student learning. Mrs. Becker and Mrs. Barron share the Learning Support Teacher role at GSS. They work closely with Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Cardinal (FSLW) as a learning team to review, monitor, assess and implement effective supports to meet students’ academic, social/emotional and behavioural needs. The learning team meets regularly with teachers.  


Options and Field Trips

Students in grades 7 and 8 participate in Options as part of their weekly schedule.  Options may include Foods, Woodworking, music, drama, art, sports, science, active living and leadership opportunities. Students will have 2 option classes / term. A fee of $20 will be charged to cover the cost of Foods and Woodworking.  Please submit these fees in the term your child is registered in the class.


Student learning happens in and out of the classroom. At GSS teachers plan a variety of field trips and events which enhance student learning.  Field trip forms including information, cost, and a parent consent form will be sent home if your child’s class is participating in an in-school or out of school field trip. If the field trip is part of the curriculum, fees will be charged for the cost of admission but bussing costs are covered by the school.


We have a great extra-curricular program for students of all ages.  The program may include after school activities for younger students (provided by school staff and/or outside agencies), drama, clubs, and sports to suit students’ interests. Fees for school sports teams will include the cost of the participating in the league and bussing. Parents may access Jumpstart funds to help cover the cost of their child’s extra-curricular fees.  Contact Mrs. Cardinal for more information.