Responsible Use of Technology

Responsible Use of Technology

  • All students will follow Technology Responsible Use Agreement Form 140-1 which is signed by the student and their parents. Please review that agreement carefully with your student before signing it.

  • That Agreement includes the use of WRPS devices and the students’ personal devices including cell phones and gaming devices.

  • If students in grades K -  6 bring personal devices to school they must leave them in their lockers when they enter the school in the morning. Students in K - 5 do not have locks on their lockers.

  • Students in grades 7 and 8 may have their phones and devices out during breaks but the Technology Responsible Use Agreement is in effect at all times.

  • If students need to contact parents throughout the school day they are required to come to the office to call rather than text/call with their cell phone. 

  • If you need to reach your child through the day please call the office. We can deliver messages to your child. 

  • Students in grades K - 6 are not allowed to have their electronic devices out during breaks or outside at recess.  That includes cell phones and gaming devices. 

  • If students do not follow the Technology Responsible Use Agreement and/or their teachers’ instructions in regard to the use of electronic devices, consequences will be in place.

  • Consequences include the devices/phones being kept by the teacher and /or principal for a period of time that will be determined by the teacher and principal.

  • Other consequences (including contact with parents) may occur depending on the severity of the infraction and for repeated offenses.