Responsible Use of Technology

Responsible Use of Technology

All students will follow Responsible Use Agreement that is signed by the

student and their parents. Please review that agreement carefully with your

student before signing it.

That Agreement includes use of WRPS devices and the students’ personal

devices including cell phones and all gaming devices.

If students in grades K - 6 bring personal devices to school they must

secure them in their lockers when they enter the school in the morning.

All students in grades K - 8 may only use their devices during class time for

educational purposes with specific permission from the teacher of that


Students in grades 7 and 8 may have their phones and devices out during

breaks but the Responsible Use Agreement is in effect at all times.

Students in grades K - 6 are not allowed to have their electronic devices

out during breaks or outside at recess. That includes cell phones and all

gaming devices.

If students do not follow the Responsible Use Agreement and/or their

teachers’ instructions in regards to the use of electronic devices,

consequences will be in place.

Consequences include the devices / phones being kept by the teacher and

/or principal for a period of time that will be determined by the teacher and


Other consequences (including contact with parents) may occur depending

on the severity of the infraction and for repeated offences.