Clothing And Footwear

Clothing and Footwear

  • Students should be dressed in clothing that fits and is suitable for school wear. 

  • This a reminder that a school is a public place for all students in K - 8 and staff members. 

  • It must not include inappropriate language or references to violence, drugs, or alcohol. 

  • No hats or hoods are to be worn in school. 

  • All backpacks must be placed in students’ lockers when they arrive at school and stay there until the end of the day. 

  • Students are not allowed to carry backpacks/bags around with them during the day. 

  • All students from K - 8 will go outside for all three recesses every day. 

  • They all (K - 8)  require a pair of outdoor shoes/boots to wear outside and then they will change into their indoor shoes when they are in the building.  

  • Students will remove wet shoes/boots when they enter the school to reduce the work of the custodians and keep the school clean.

  • Please ensure that your child has a pair of indoor shoes at school at all times. 

  • They will also require suitable outdoor gear for all types of weather. 

  • They need to be prepared and dressed appropriately to enjoy their time outside.

  • We will have indoor recess during the winter if the temperature or windchill is lower than -25 degrees Celsius.