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Thank You Cargill

Thank you to Cargill for their recent generous contributions to our school! 

On Friday, October 15, two Cargill reps presented $1500 in gift cards to GSS. The gift cards will be used to support three projects.

Cargill first contacted us back in 2019-20 (pre-Covid) and were going to support our UNESCO project of that year which was raising funds to plant trees in Millet.  That project was finally  completed in June 2021 when Ms. Nicol's class planted trees along Highway 616, with our Town of Millet partners.  We will be placing a plaque at that site which our new Cargill grant will be used for. Any extra funds will be used to support this year's UNESCO project. 

The Cargill grant will also support our current PAC project of the outdoor classroom area which is projected to be completed in the spring of 2022.  

Lastly, some of  the Cargill grant will help to fund our Food for Students account.  Those dollars help to supplement our Nutrition program if needed.

We are always grateful to our Community partners which enhance and contribute to our Griffins' learning!

Cargill Contribution

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